The Peoples March for NHS

These photographic images are taken from a social documentary of the 2014 Peoples March for the NHS, a 300 mile walk from Jarrow to London that replicated the 1930s Jarrow hunger marches. The march, organised by the “Darlo Mums” and their supporters to defend a publicly owned NHS from increasing privatisation and profiteering, took a year to plan and involved support from a variety of local people and organisations, organisations such as the labour Party, Green Party, Trade Unions local NHS campaign groups, Methodist churches and others. These local groups planned and managed their contribution to the days march, often along busy roads, and provided refreshments, an evening meal and overnight accommodation for the core group of 300 milers and those who walked the full days distance with them on any given day, in Sheffield and Mansfield as many as 300 souls.  I participated in the march from Leeds to London and a huge rally in Trafalgar Square. I have since exhibited the images in Birmingham and would love to hear from anyone interested in organising or promoting an exhibition of this historic event elsewhere.

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