Allotment tales and art.

Sunday the 30th of September 2018.

British Apples.

I often wondered about the garden of Eden, God, the snake, Eve and Adam. It obviously had a bloody good apple tree in it and Adam, encouraged by Eve, who knew what a bloody good apple when she saw it, was expelled for taking a bite and the rest is history.

I think the apple in question is an “Arthur Turner“, we have several apple trees on our own little garden of Eden, one of which is an “Arthur Turner”, and it has to be the best apple on the planet. We also have a “Worcester Pomagne” (A good cider apple) and a close 2nd to the Turner. Other trees include an Adams and a Bramley, we know these trees for they were planted in our time, the others that we don’t recognise were planted before our arrival.

Bringing it all back home:

There is a glut of apples this year, not sure why, prolonged hot weather, a good pruning last year. We have so many and its such a shame to waste them. I give many away to my neighbours, regularly make apple crumbles and thinking now of apple chutney. Maybe we should buy an apple press? We have also thought of contacting local stores to see if they would sell them? Its unlikely the big stores will as their locked into contracts and trade deals. If I had a corner store I would jump at these apples for you can pay fifty pence for an apple that is, lets face it, shite.