Allotment tales and art.

Sunday the 19th of November

Swan Vestas (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes)

Fires on Birmingham allotments are now restricted to November and March, by order of the council. I am unable to find an explanation for this but I guess its something to do with pollution? Fires are good for burning a variety of materials such as old dried out weeds, (especially marestail tail, commonly known as the devils entrails) hedge cuttings, old wood left over from maintenance and any other suitable combustible materials acquired over the course of a year, cardboard, paper etc. The ashes make potassium, calcium and trace elements and are good for improving the soil but don’t put them on acidic plants such as soft fruit. I tried to grow carrots this year by degrading the soil and filling it with ashes but alas it didn’t work.

The smoke from fires gets deep into your clothes and can smell weeks later even after washing, but on a cold November day, who cares.

Bringing It All Back Home

Brought home some more kale and a handful of turnips. I feel a stew coming on.