Allotment tales and art.

Sunday the 2nd of December

Raking autumn leaves

I love autumn, the changing colours of autumn leaves, its a milestone, another year gone by and spring to look forward to.

Today I raked autumn leaves from all over the site using a good old fashioned rake. I can’t understand why people have to use noisy energy consuming blowers, because they are their presumably, when you can get some good exercise and meditate upon the act of raking, a traditional activity and not unlike scything.

The leaves are placed in a home made wooden purpose built frame from discarded palettes. When covered, to keep them from blowing away, they rot nicely and can be used the following year as an excellent mulch for potatoes and all round soil enhancement, I like the idea that this years old leaves are helping next years harvest.


Bringing It All Back Home

Brought home some more kale though its getting a bit tough now, I read that the frost helps improve the taste of kale and other winter vegetables such swede, turnip and chard.