Allotment tales and art.

Sunday the 27th of April

Sowing Potatoes

For the last two weeks, I have, after waiting patiently to ensure there will be no late frosts, and a steady minimum temperature of 6 degrees, been sowing potatoes. A variety of early and main crop, Maris Piper, Desiree and King Edward.

Sowing potatoes is hard work, in my case I first dig a trench, (Thats when I come across the dreaded weed Mares tail, nicknamed the Devil’s entrails) then fill it with leaf mould saved from the autumn and cow manure. (Being a vegan I am contemplating switching from cow manure to green manure) The potatoes are then mounded up and watered. Watering is a huge problem, my own particular site has a huge annual water bill with tenants asked to only use a hose to fill up water butts and to use watering cans filled from the butts. (A time consuming task)

Bringing It All Back Home

I brought home the first Rhubarb of the year for a rhubarb crumble.