Allotment tales and art.

Sunday the 30th of December

A new year gardening plan

Measured the plot today, its exactly 11 x 5 rods, (or perch) an old measurement for allotments.

Made a plan for the plot in 2019.

In no particular order: Move the mushroom bed. Research plants that cope with drought. Distribute the remaining cow manure on the soil.

Install a new window into the shed. Prune the apple trees. Fix the green wheelbarrow wheel. Clean the pond and buy new pondweed and barley straw.

Stabilise the old shed. Fix the old shed drainage pipe. Weed the rhubarb patch. Research and plant winter vegetables.

Grow courgettes, not marrows. Grow pumpkin and squash. Grow peas and beans x 3.

Design, build and locate a new sculpture from recycled and old waste materials. Repair the Ransome push mower (buy an old ransom mower for spare parts)

Lime the cabbage patch. Add fish bone to ailing shrubs and young oak tree. Finish repairing the paths. Research companion planting.

Research no dig gardening.


Bringing It All Back Home

Brought home a bag full of apples that had been stored in the shed in cardboard boxes, they have kept well in this way.