Allotment tales and art.

Thursday the 11th of October 2018

Cow Dung.

Had a half a ton of (organic?) cow dung mixed with straw at a cost of £80 delivered by Bill Finnegan, a west coast irishman with an accent as broad as the plains of Kildare, and a farmer now in Kings Norton.

As a result of modern farming methods, their cruelty to animals, the use of fertilisers and chemicals and my being a vegan, I do have doubts about cow dung and issue in growing vegetables. Never the less, we bought some and will use it to enrich the soil for next year. We have thought of alternatives, horse manure is said to be better but contains the seeds of more weeds. (I didn’t know horses ate weeds? There is also green manure, planting and working into the soil when its grown green manures such as sorrel or mustard, will need to explore this further.

Prior to bills arrival we had scrounged some old palettes to build frames to house the dung and covered them with tarpaulin to keep it dry and fresh for as long as possible, it takes a lot of time and energy to get it into the ground.

Climate Destruction.

I was very encouraged to learn recently of a group called “Climate Action Network West Midlands”. An open and inclusive group with the task of actively combatting climate destruction locally and nationally. I have consequently made arrangements to go to their next two meetings. The 31st of October is a meeting summarising their work and on the 14th of November they have their AGM. Hopefully they are a group I can get involved with.

Ps: Pictures of me are curtesy of Colin Monk. f22 photographic.