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I am a multi-disciplinary photographer and visual artist whose methodologies are rooted in walking and the exploration of rural and urban landscapes, the exploration of urban edge lands and postindustrial ruins, the relationships between land ownership and access, between land and identity.

My walking is present in my social activism and the creation of documentary projects of local and national concern, the politics of austerity, social justice and human rights, the environment and climate change. My walking influences my fine art photography of natural history, flora and fauna, images constructed from everyday readymade and recycled organic materials, reflections in water and glass. I also create collage and sculpture from recycled materials, and create image with text for socio political comment, irony and humour.

My art represents my ideology, my environmental activism and desire to create a sustainable, low carbon lifestyle and artistic practice. I am a vegan, I purposefully don’t drive, choosing instead to walk, cycle and use public transport. I limit my flying to one trip per year, I use paperless bills, I grow my own food, compost my kitchen waste, I also repair and where possible recycle goods and materials.

I would under no circumstances accept funding or promotion from any source involved with the extraction of fossil fuels.


June 2012: “The Callenish Stones” in Scotland, at Calumet photography Birmingham.

December 2012: “The Edgelands”, landscape images at the Lighthouse gallery Wolverhampton.

February 2013: “The West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign”, at the Trade Union UNITE.

May 2013: The Diggers”, at the Guinea Gardens allotment site in Harborne.

May 2013: “Blowing In The Wind”, trees in Highbury Park Kings Heath Birmingham.

June 2013: “Revolution”, a graduate degree show multimedia installation at Wolverhampton University.

July 2013: “Diamonds & Rust”, landscape images at the Birmingham Midland Institute.

July 2015: The “Peoples March for the NHS” at the 6/8 kafe in Birmingham

November 2017: “The Allotment” at the Birmingham Midland Institute.

January 2018: “Highbury Park in Snow” at All Saints Church Kings Heath.

September 2018: ‘The Plot”. A multi media exhibition with artist Colin Monk at Winterbourne House & Garden.

April 2019: “Smoke & Mirrors”. A multi media exhibition with artist Colin Monk at Lightwood House. Bearwood


Winner of the Lighthouse Open Photographic and Exhibition Award 2012.

Winner of Herbert Gallery Poetry award 2013 for the poem entitled “The Corporate AGM

Published Articles

“The Peoples March for the NHS”. An article relating to the 2014 march from Jarrow to London and its accompanying exhibition. Published in Slaney Street in October 2014. (Birmingham Democratic Press)

Published in the Peoples Vote for the NHS July 2015.

A review of Jeremy Deller’s exhibition “Love is enough”. Published in Slaney St June 2015.

My current projects include:

“Climate Change”, a series of collage exploring the themes of climate change.

“The Plot”, a joint multimedia collaboration with the local artist Colin Monk depicting a year’s activity on a working allotment.














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